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Introducing The NEW Ruler Game v3: What's New?

Update: On October 21, 2019 we launched an updated version of the metric ruler game. So both our games, inch ruler game and metric ruler game has been updated now. Old games doesn't support touchscreens but new games work well on phones and tablets.

The newest version of The Ruler Game introduces a plethora of new features. Here is a complete rundown.

  1. Touchscreen support. This is the biggest enhancement that teachers and students have both been asking for for years. If you are using a laptop with a touchscreen, a tablet, and iPad, or a smartphone, any device with a touch screen will work. Of course, you can also still use a mouse just like always.
  2. Improved indicator of selected measurement. As you move your mouse across the ruler, or drag your finger on a touchscreen device, a green bar will extend to the measurement you select. In the previous version, only the tiny area around the selected measurement appeared green to show that it was selected.
  3. Question Measurements are larger and above the ruler. Question Measurements now appear above the ruler in a larger font. In the previous version, the measurement appeared in a tiny text box below the ruler.
  4. Improved corrections for wrong answers. When you guess incorrectly, the game will tell you what measurement you selected and will display a red bar showing the correct measurement. In the previous version, the only indicator of the correct measurement was the area around it briefly turning red.
  5. Sounds. Simple click sounds have been added to indicate: correct answers, incorrect answers, when a player advances to the next level, and when the game is over. The sounds are designed to be minimally disruptive in a classroom setting. Sounds can be turned off completely in the game Settings.
  6. Positive Feedback. Each time you guess a correct measurement, you will briefly see a positive note of encouragement.
  7. Enhanced Status Bar. The status bar has been moved below the ruler instead of above it. The timer has been replaced by a graphical indicator that gets shorter as the available time runs out and also changes from yellow to green to red. The current Level is displayed in bars similar to how radio signal strength might be indicated. The number of strikes displays the strike images instead of just a number. In the previous version, these indicators appears as numbers in text boxes.
  8. Ruler Lengths from 1” to 12”. You can manually set the ruler length from 1-inch to 12-inches as desired or have it automatically adjust to fit the current screen width. If the selected width will not fit on the screen without horizontal scrolling, it will automatically adjust to the longest length that will fit on the screen. Previously, the ruler was always 4-inches long.
  9. Thirtysecondths and Sixtyfourths increments. Students preparing for certain industries need to be able to read measurement down to thirtysecondths of an inch or even sixtyfourths of an inch. The previous version only allowed increments down to sixteenths of an inch.
  10. Ruler Marks setting. Every ruler doesn’t display marks at sixteenth-inch intervals, so the Ruler Marks setting is adjustable now. If students will be using rulers with marks at eighth-inch intervals, The Ruler Game can display the same marks as those rulers. If they will be using rulers with thirtysecondths or sixtyfourths marks, that can be selected as well. The default is still marks at sixteenth-inch intervals.
  11. Current game settings are displayed on the ruler. Many teachers want to be able to quickly and easily see what settings have been selected. The current settings appear in the lower left hand corner of the ruler.

There are a number of other small changes that make The Ruler Game easier to use or more flexible.

The NEW Ruler Game
Learn to read an English ruler using a touchscreen device or using a mouse on your desktop or laptop computer.