The Ruler Game - Learn to read a ruler

License The Ruler Game

For Use On Your School Intranet or Classroom Desktops

Many educators have requested permission to use The Ruler Game on their school's or organization's intranets and desktops. We offer a licensing option that will allow you to use the script where you need it and even customize the appearance. (A license permits you to display the ruler game program on one intranet web site (not publicly accessible) OR on the desktops of one classroom

Note: This license is only for the v2 version of The Ruler Game that is only for desktop and laptop computers. It does not include v3 which is compatible with touch screen devices such as phones and tablets. Both the Standard English Ruler Game and Metric Ruler Game are included.

If you have questions or comments about The Ruler Game Site License, please contact me.

If your school must place orders via Purchase Order, please print our mail order form and attach it to your school's purchase order. We will send an invoice with the product.

Why Purchase a License for The Ruler Game?

For many schools and companies, the free online version of The Ruler Game will work just fine. However, there are five primary reasons that you may choose to license The Ruler Game for use in your school: