The Ruler Game - Learn to read a ruler

The Ruler Game - Learn to Read a Ruler

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Why Learn to Read a Ruler?

Reading a ruler is a valuable skill that you will likely use on your job, in your hobbies, and in your personal every day life. Without measuring devices like rulers (and people who can read them) we would still be living in caves.

The standard English ruler, or Imperial ruler, is divided into inches. Each inch is divided in half. Each of those halves is divided in half to give you quarters. Each of those quarters is divided in half to give you eighths. And each of those eighths are divided in half to give you sixteenths. Some rulers will even show you thirty-seconds and sixty-fourths. You can use the optional "Increment Leve" to learn the larger marks before graduating to the smaller marks. If you use The Ruler Game to learn to read down to sixteenths, you will have no problem reading thirty-seconds and sixty-fourths if you ever need to. For more information, see How Do I Read a Ruler? at

Check out TechEdLearning's excellent video tutorials on how to read a ruler!

Although you are probably familiar with rulers, yard sticks, tape rules, folding rules, and tape measures, you will also find rulers on many machines that you use such as saws, sewing machines, photocopiers, and computer scanners. Computer programs like Microsoft Word and Adobe PhotoShop have electronic rulers that you can turn on to help you with the exact placement of items. As you can tell, reading a ruler is a valuable skill that you will use almost every day both on and off the job. Measurement is just one reason to learn fractions.

While The Ruler Game only teaches you how to read the standard English Ruler, or Imperial ruler, there are also Metric rulers. Metric rulers use marks called centimeters which are divided into 10 sections called millimeters. To read a metric ruler you simply count the sections. There is no need to convert the fractions as you must do when using English units or Imperial units.


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Sixteenths Sixteenths

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  • Use this game to improve how you read a ruler.
  • After you click on the button that says, "Start New Game," the name of a measurement will appear in the text box labeled, "Click on:."
  • As soon as you see the measurement appear, click on the corresponding measurement on the ruler at the top of the screen.
  • For each correct answer, you wil be awarded points. Points are awarded based on the following table.
    Level Time Limit Points
    1 10 seconds 10
    2 9 seconds 20
    3 8 seconds 30
    4 7 seconds 40
    5 6 seconds 50
    6 5 seconds 60
    7 4 seconds 70
    8 3 seconds 80
    9 2 seconds 90
    10 1 second 100
  • For each incorrect answer, you will receive a strike. After three strikes, your game is over.
  • Click on the, "Start New Game" button to start a new game.
  • Under Preferences turn the timer off before starting your game to disable the time feature.
  • To make learning easier, you can choose an increment level before starting your game and all selections will be at the chosen increment.